Look for a black/white photo. Or make a colored photo black/white. Now color one element red to have it stick out and draw the eye to it –the color splash effect.

I saw this flag while walking on College Ave a few weeks ago! This is it’s actual color.

Have you ever looked in awe at Andy Warhol’s iconic paintings and wished you could turn your pics into similar works of art? Well, now you can. Head over to the online pop art generator and fill yer boots.

This was a picture that I took while on vacation in Bermuda. I thought it was a good one to turn into a Warhol!

Who (alive, dead or fictional) would be in your fantasy band, and what would your role be?

I was literally thinking about this today while driving, but how cool would a collab between Taylor Swift, Halsey, and Kesha be? I’m not sure if their genres would match up, but they’re my 3 favorite music artists and I think it would be awesome! I would just be their groupie.