With the previous posting of my Hollywood & Vine final project, that is a wrap on Digital Storytelling! I’ve had an absolute blast this semester and it’s hard to believe it’s already over! This has been one of my favorite classes and I will miss the creativity involved in it. I wanted to take this class as a freshman and now that I’m a junior, it really did live up to my great expectations.

However, I am glad that I will be able to look back on this class via this subdomain where I’ve posted all of my work for the class!

For my Digital Storytelling Final project, I created a video that mashed up movie and/or television scenes with audio from Vines. I chose scenes and audio that went together, so the comedic effect wouldn’t be lost in translation! This project related to our class theme of “The Cover” because it is a remake of movie/TV scenes and Vines. I will be mashing existing content (both aural and visual) to create something new!

Overall, I’m thrilled with how this turned out! It is absolutly hilarious to watch!

I chose to do the DS106ers React video bank assignment. The Avengers: Infinity War trailer came out today and as a HUGE Marvel fan, I thought this would be so fun and hysterical to record my reaction! I was not disappointed in the trailer OR in the end result of my reaction!

Before selecting which passages, I decided to visualize them in my head and imagine them either as a radio remake or a television remake. That offered me a sense of what each one would be like if it were to be produced. For Radio Remake 1, I chose that passage because of the descriptiveness. In my head, I could imagine the suspense and thought that scene would put the listener on edge. The passage for Radio Remake 2 was selected for about the same reason: I thought the emotions would translate more intensely through audio rather than imagery. While TV Remake 1‘s passage is the opening paragraph of the story, I thought it did a great job of setting the stage and started the audience with a specific picture in their mind. I chose the passage for TV Remake 2 because I thought that it really captured the sense of Sherlock’s personality and capabilities, therefore enriching his character and making him more personable on a screen.

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