Write the most lame excuse for not doing the Daily Create today. Tweet it or create it as a meme image.

My excuse for not doing third Daily Create is that I am stressed because I have a lot of projects due soon. So naturally, I am going to take a nap.

Standing like a superhero is good for you, according to some research. Physiological and psychological changes happen when you assume a power position. So what are you waiting for? Legs apart, fists on hips, chest out, head up. You’re doing the superhero! Doesn’t it feel good? Now share it with the world.

I’ve actually been a superhero for Halloween every year for the past few, so I’ve included pictures of each of my costumes!

Top Left: Tony Stark, 2012
Top Right: Winter Soldier (feat. A HYDRA pumpkin that I carved myself), 2014
Bottom Left: Captain America, 2015
Bottom Right: Iron Man, 2016

Before selecting which passages, I decided to visualize them in my head and imagine them either as a radio remake or a television remake. That offered me a sense of what each one would be like if it were to be produced. For Radio Remake 1, I chose that passage because of the descriptiveness. In my head, I could imagine the suspense and thought that scene would put the listener on edge. The passage for Radio Remake 2 was selected for about the same reason: I thought the emotions would translate more intensely through audio rather than imagery. While TV Remake 1‘s passage is the opening paragraph of the story, I thought it did a great job of setting the stage and started the audience with a specific picture in their mind. I chose the passage for TV Remake 2 because I thought that it really captured the sense of Sherlock’s personality and capabilities, therefore enriching his character and making him more personable on a screen.

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For this week’s assignment, we were tasked with creating a Twitter bot filled with anything we liked! My Twitter bot is about Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. Everyone loves to hate him, so I decided to make a bot describing him with positive adjectives. Check it out: @stark_bots