What was the first art work you created?

I’m sure this wasn’t the first art work I ever created, but it’s the first one I remember doing! My kindergarten class had to draw and name our favorite animals for a Scholastic contest, and I won! I got this picture on a poster along with several other winners! It’s really cool to look back on now, especially since I’m a Studio Art major.

Show the huge world or an ordinary object made larger from the view of someone, or something, much tinier than us.

I’m a member of a Facebook group called Guinea Pig Party where people share pictures of their guinea pigs. Someone shared this picture and I thought it was HILARIOUS! This guinea pig is gigantic!!!

Everyone looks cooler in sunglasses. Show us a photo of someone or something that is cooler with shades one (cats are useful here).

This is a picture of my old dog, Marley, wearing ski goggles (so, not technically sunglasses). My mom sent this picture to me during the big snowstorm two years ago with the caption #Ready4Snow