Think of the the last person you sent a text message to. Write a five line poem to that person, composed as a series of text messages– but do not name the person.

It said create a 5-line poem, and I’m not sure if emojis count as a 5th line, but I did it anyways because they’re integral to the friendship I have with my best friend (who I texted the poem to!)

We aim to learn good design principles; can you take what you know or have learned to do the complete opposite? Design a logo for a real or imagined business, and make it really bad.

So I’m going to be a graphic designer and this was painful and fun to do. I used a bad stock photo, my least favorite color, and my least favorite font to make this fake logo.

I struggled with this question of “what is your favorite cover” but only because I only ever listen to covers of songs and watch movies that are usually based off of books. BUT if I had to choose a cover that meant the most and left a huge impact on my life, I think I’d choose Marvel’s The Avengers movie from 2012 which is obviously based off of the Marvel comics of the same name. I didn’t like it when I first saw it, but it grew on me and I’ve met my two best friends through the mutual interest we shared!

Hi there and welcome to my subdomain! I’m Emily and I’m a Studio Art major and Digital Studies minor at UMW. I’m combining those to eventually be a graphic designer. This is a picture of my desk, which helps me stay organized and on top of things. It’s where I do anything and everything important, and where I’ll do all of the work for CPSC 106 this semester! I figure if I have a space that makes me happy, I’ll feel motivated to stay productive.