With the previous posting of my Hollywood & Vine final project, that is a wrap on Digital Storytelling! I’ve had an absolute blast this semester and it’s hard to believe it’s already over! This has been one of my favorite classes and I will miss the creativity involved in it. I wanted to take this class as a freshman and now that I’m a junior, it really did live up to my great expectations.

However, I am glad that I will be able to look back on this class via this subdomain where I’ve posted all of my work for the class!

For my Digital Storytelling Final project, I created a video that mashed up movie and/or television scenes with audio from Vines. I chose scenes and audio that went together, so the comedic effect wouldn’t be lost in translation! This project related to our class theme of “The Cover” because it is a remake of movie/TV scenes and Vines. I will be mashing existing content (both aural and visual) to create something new!

Overall, I’m thrilled with how this turned out! It is absolutly hilarious to watch!

I chose to do the DS106ers React video bank assignment. The Avengers: Infinity War trailer came out today and as a HUGE Marvel fan, I thought this would be so fun and hysterical to record my reaction! I was not disappointed in the trailer OR in the end result of my reaction!

Look for a black/white photo. Or make a colored photo black/white. Now color one element red to have it stick out and draw the eye to it –the color splash effect.

I saw this flag while walking on College Ave a few weeks ago! This is it’s actual color.

Have you ever looked in awe at Andy Warhol’s iconic paintings and wished you could turn your pics into similar works of art? Well, now you can. Head over to the online pop art generator and fill yer boots.

This was a picture that I took while on vacation in Bermuda. I thought it was a good one to turn into a Warhol!